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How to Live a Chemical Free Lifestyle Using Certified Organic Skin Care Products

Have you ever bought toiletries or organic skin care products that you were assured were natural or organic only to get home ... read the label and wonder what on earth those long names were? or to discover that the advertised organic "milk and honey" or other fabulous botanical ingredient on the front picture label does not even appear on the ingredient list?

Is Organic Really Better?

There are some who believe that there are “safe” synthetic chemicals. If we look historically, we see a pattern of fantastic chemical breakthroughs that are sold to us as the “new” answer… which are then subsequently withdrawn after the damage has been done (like Ethanolamine DEA, MEA, TEA in Europe in recent years). The search for newer, better and safer chemicals is foolish: Mother Nature always will provide us with everything we need. By seeking out truly natural and organic products, we are making a difference not only to our own health, but to ethical, ecologically sound business ideals and farming methods.


You may or may not find this site of interest. There will always be arguments about both positive and negative aspects for all things, whether it be a certain vegetable or fruit, or good, bad or safe chemical. Whether it is a debate about how much exercise is good or not; or drinking or eating too much or too little is good or not. And with research you'll find that when using the right statistics for whichever side of an argument, you can usually proof your point, whether it be a positive or negative one.

So, you might find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with information on some of the pages, but the information is here to make you question ingredients in your products.

It is up to you to decide what you put on your or your children's skins. If you have found this site because you are not comfortable putting chemicals on your skin look around to find an organic alternative or use one of the recipes and make your own.

But, most of all, become your own ingredient detective and satisfy yourself personally that you are prepared to use a certain product.

How to use Nature to Protect and Clean your body?

Organic natural skin care products are not only good your skin, hair and body but also good for the environment. And the bit that most people do not even expect these days, the products really does have in it "what it says on the tin".

Organic Ways is giving you information about certain conditions and supplying you with the links which will take you to the shops where you will be able to purchase these safe organic products.

Have a look at your bathroom products NOW ... even those that are claiming to be "Organic" or "Natural".

CHECK so-called organic skin care products or natural shampoos and other body care products. Unlike food labelling, the toiletry industry has no regulations to prevent the misuse of the "organic" and "natural" terms when manufacturing organic skin care products.

Natural ingredients such as amino acids and minerals are added to shampoos and conditioners to give hair a healthy-looking appearance. But to stop them going off, synthetic preservatives are sometimes added too. The organic skin care products we recommend on this site are free from harmful, cancer-causing chemicals and can be obtained from Green People, Pai skincare, MiEssence. There is also a link to an Amazon shop showing their natural and organic skin care products, but beware that not all of these can be certified as organic as the shop is controlled by Amazon.

Enjoy becoming an ingredient detective to make an informed decision on what organic skin care products you wish to use on your and your family's skins

In addition to organic skin care products you will also find details about organic clothes, home made skin and body care recipes and news about organic products and commonly used toxic chemicals harmful to the human body.

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